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The SG-2 Steam Giant hovering in thermal expansion.

Courtesy of Victor Delta Labs: January 2, 2015

Original 1937 Berlin CCB9 design plans for the heat-dome radiator.

SG-2 Veelo test fire.

Note the three black streaks (center) measuring over sixty billion joules.

Courtesy of Victor Delta Labs: July 3, 2014

The SG-2

The SG-2 Steam Giant is a wonder of the modern age. It features the latest in Infusion32 Veelo technology. The SG-2 project represents a massive step forward due to the inclusion of the multi-friction R4 zone coolers from the legendary Berlin SG-1.

The diesel integrators from the R4 prototype were rebuilt, modified to withstand altitude tolerances beyond 60,000'.  In order to achieve double the altitude of the original R4/SG-1, weight was reduced by replacing a number of steel body elements with aluminum and copper. Ultimately, this provided a 43% weight reduction overall.

The original R4 frame remains. The turbine from the pre-production unit has been completely restored from original Berlin CCB9 plans.

More information will be made available to Ops via the electro-code switches.